Monthly Archives: December 2019



I took some time during this weekend to create Python tutorials, finally. I am extremely sorry for such the long wait, and will make even more later. I forgot to include a tutorial on using the Python IDE, so I hope to create that very soon. For now, you can use an online Python IDE that I, personally, use a lot, called I encourage you guys to take a look at other tutorials, unless you specifically want them from me, on websites like, or Comment below if you want anything else specifically, and if you want me to showcase some of my best Python code. See ya later!


I have revisited the games idea, and have come of with the solution of This is a game hub for embedded code that you can run using Flash. The hub includes games like The World’s Hardest Game 1, 2, and 3, QWOP, Rogue Souls, and a unique one-play platformer game. If you have any other ideas for games, feel free to contact me in the real world or comment below.