Hello, those whom have circumnavigated across the world to find this page. My name is Jet Tromz, the founder of this blog. My favorite color is black, one of the most moody colors (technically its not a color, but I still think of it as a color). As an activity to do when there is time to be spent, I like to play video games, especially the ones where there is an an aspect of creation. By far, Minecraft is my favorite game because of the creation, block by block, you can build a world cherish and adorn. I love to code, especially when the final product is fun and enjoyable, for instance, I have a subdomain called sandbox, where I play around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three primary web development tools. I spent over four year working on Python, the first programming language I got exposed to. Since then, I have been able to drastically improve the time it takes for me to learn so that I could work on more complex projects without having to spend four years on learning the programming language that came with that project.

Programming Languages

PythonMastered – 4 years
JavaScriptWorking on – 1 month
CSSWorking on – 1 month
HTMLExperienced – 1 month and more
C++Terrible – 20 minutes, and still bad as a kangaroo
C#Intermediate – Using for Unity game development

182 thoughts on “ME

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